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Natalie Muma

Natalie Muma

Team Administrator


Natalie Muma is the Team Administrator at Arbor Wealth. She recently joined the expansive world of Financial Services with her sights set on long term goals in the industry. She helps make sure that the processes behind the curtain function as efficiently as possible for the Arbor team. She is influential in bridging the gap between each advisor’s strenuous workload and their insatiable desire to help people with their personal finances. Natalie helps to make the process between client and advisor as streamlined as possible in an attempt to make Arbor Wealth feel like a family just as much as it feels like a business.


Natalie is a Raleigh native and has also lived in Florence, Italy. She is a graduate of Appalachian State University with a BS in Communication Studies and Leadership Studies. In addition to her career goals, Natalie loves to travel the world and hike in her second home, Boone, NC. Natalie’s claim to fame is meeting one of her favorite actors, James Marsden, in a small family restaurant in Florence. In her spare time, you can find Natalie anywhere in the outdoors with her friends and family.