Drew Kulak

Drew Kulak

Financial Representative


Drew has recently transitioned on the Arbor Wealth Management team to the role of Financial Representative. Having spent the last several months working in the expansive world of Financial Services, he has only grown to love the challenge and the vigor of the industry more. His driving desire is to help in bringing financial security to individuals, families, and businesses and to give people a peace of mind about their tomorrow. Always ready to take on a challenge, Drew enjoys working with the Arbor team because it affords him the opportunity build partnerships and reach clients on a scale that would be tantamount to impossible on his own. Drew’s goals revolve around building client trust in the knowledge that they can find financial stability and independence by adhering to well thought out plans that have been catered to each of the client’s needs.As the first leg in a long journey, Drew looks forward to what the future holds in both how he can help people and how he can look to challenge the process and constantly bring innovation to the industry.


Drew calls the Triangle area his home, having lived there nearly his whole life. He loves to travel and has had the privilege of seeing many different parts of the world. As a previously competitive swimmer, Drew loves finding a pool whenever he gets the chance but at the end of the day, he wants nothing more than to spend time with his friends and family.

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